Out of Chaos

Live Action Short Film
Production company
Universal Music
Project type
Live Action Short Film
Project year
Project Length
25 minutes

In a world full of order, choose chaos.

Jon is struggling with the painfully orchestrated nature of modern life. But scared of chaos, he’s trapped in limbo. Pushing away those closest to him, Jon rejects help from his girlfriend, leaving him increasingly isolated. Trapped with his inner demons, life is simply passing him by. His maverick friend, frustrated with Jon’s numbness to the world and struggling with family problems, pressures him to reject the status quo. We are all going to die - so what is the point of predictability? Jon watches his friend smash his mum's car window, and they escape to the beach to light fireworks, igniting a spark in him too. He rejects order. They spiral into a euphoric state of chaos. In a blur of bedlam, Jon finally embraces his lack of control. In a shock, his friend is hit by a car and dies, sending Jon back into depression. Intoxicated with pain, he fantasises about killing himself. Desperately chasing what he felt, Jon returns to the beach and stumbles across the fireworks. He lights one and feels nothing. Finally, he realises that chaos alone is not what freed him. It is sharing the moment with those that matter. Jon turns and sees his girlfriend. He breaks down.

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Starring -

Louis Hall

Neizan Birchwood

Matthew Winters

Emily Haigh

Penelope Wildgoose

Director - George O'Reilly

Screenwriter - Will Reed

Story by George O'Reilly & Will Reed

Producer - Alessandro Wingfield and George Sampson

Executive Producers - Tom Land, Will Reed and Horatio Hardy

Director of Photography - Federico Rinaldi

Visual Effects - Petter Scholander

Costume Designer - Luke Addo

Makeup Artist - Phoebe Coldrick Smith

Production Manager - James Axon

Production Assistant - Zoe Anne R.

1st Assistant Camera - Ilaria Falli

2nd Assistant Camera - Harry Plowden

Gaffer - Billy Colthart

Sound Editor - Chris Howard

Sound Mixer - Harrison White

Data Manager - Laurie Jenkins

Sound Recordist - Alex Wylie

Boom Operator - George Sampson

1st Assistant Director - Alessandro Wingfield

Script Supervisor - Will Reed

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